Computer courses

Our courses will be updated soon

We propose private computer, graphic and webdesign training lessons.
For all level – from beginners to professionals.

The courses are divided in several smaller lessons of 1h, 1h30 or 2h.
Timings are to be arranged.

Please find below more details about our courses :

Entry Level Courses

Note: these entry-level courses are for beginners – no previous computer knowledge required.

Course Level Duration(1)
Installation and configuration of Windows 98, 2000 or XP
Beginner 3h
Installation and configuration of Linux
Beginner 3h
Internet & email
Configuration and initiation to the web (Internet Explorer and Outlook or Firefox and Thunderbird). Tips and tricks.
Beginner 3h
Protection et Security
Computer Care and Safety (antivirus, firewall configuration, spam, spyware…). Tips and tricks to avoid intrusion and safeguard your privacy on the net.
Beginner 3h
Local Networks
Configuration of a local network (LAN) and how to share your internet connection between several computers
Beginner 3h


Course Level Duration(1)
Word Processor
Introduction to word processing applications (MS-Word)
Beginner 3h
Introduction to spreadsheet applications (MS-Excel)
Intermediate 3h
Introduction to database applications (MS-Access)
Intermediate 4h

Computer Graphics

Course Level Duration(1)
Digital Photo I
Introduction to digital photography (aquisition and initiation to Photoshop…)
Beginner 5h
Digital Photo II
Image manipulation and restoration (Photoshop)
Intermediate 5h
Digital Photo III
Advanced image manipulation (Photoshop)
Advanced 5h
Vector Illustration I
Initiation to vector graphics (Illustrator)
Beginner 5h
Graphic Design I
Introduction to page layout (Indesign or Quark)
Beginner 5h
Graphic Design II
Page layout and typography, intermediate (Indesign or Quark)
Intermediate 5h
Graphic Design III
Page layout: advanced features – prepress output (Indesign or Quark)
Advanced 6h


Course Level Duration(1)
Webdesign I
Initiation to webdesign (Dreamweaver)
Beginner 5h
Webdesign II
Webdesign, intermediate (Dreamweaver and Fireworks)
Intermediate 5h
Webdesign III
Advanced webdesign techniques (Dreamweaver, Fireworks and CSS)
Advanced 6h
Animation I
Animation for the web – initiation (Flash)
Beginner 5h
Animation II
Animation for the web – intermediate (Flash, Actionscript…)
Intermediate 5h

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Contact Nicolas – Phone : 0486 124 920

(1) The courses duration are indicative and depend on the level of knowledge.

Note: Courses are to be paid in advance